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       Shenzhen City mountain Asahi fast Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, plant area of 3800 square meters, providing fine service for the domestic and foreign small and medium enterprises, mainly including PCBA processing, PCBA design, PCBA copy board decryption, SMT processing, DIP plug-in assembly, molding and electronic products research and development, production of precision PCB 2~36 layer manufacturing, professional production and processing of FPC, the procurement of electronic components, especially the samples and small batch orders, we have a quick quotation, fast production, advantages of fast delivery, and provide product testing, testing, aging, packaging and other one-stop service. According to the product characteristics of industry division, professional services company in industrial control, automotive electronics, new energy, communications equipment, electronic security, medical equipment and other fields, has a daily production capacity of electronic assembly SMT480 million, plug 100 thousand, circuit board production can be realized by million square meters. Zhong Feng Electronics, through ISO9001 quality management system and PDCA management system, is manufactured according to the IPC-A-610E electronic assembly acceptance standard. Strict process management is implemented, and quality control processes such as IQC, IPQC and OQA are standardized. Circuit board production through ISO14001, ISO9001, UL, RoHS authentication. San Xu electronic quality target: A. customer satisfaction: 100% B. finished product inspection qualification rate: 99.5% C. on time delivery rate: 100%

       Our aim is to provide customers with high quality, fast and punctual electronic manufacturing services, and the company is expanding its production scale.